Callers and Cuers

Square Dance Callers (SDC), Round Dance Cuers (RDC), Clogging Cuers (CLC)

 JANICE ALEXANDER [VIC-SDC] and her sister, Lorraine, asked Jack Murphy, from Whitehorse Club, to teach them to call. Jack did such a good job that when he decided to retire from calling, he gave the Club to them. Lorraine then went on to form her own club, which left Janice running Whitehorse by herself. She has the distinction of having the oldest continuously running club in Victoria - more than 60 years. She really doesn't look that old!
 DI ASHTON [TAS-SDC] No bio yet
 TONY BOWRING [NSW-SDC] commenced Square Dancing in 1969 and commenced calling in 1971. In 1975 he opened his first square dance club in Croydon, Victoria with his wife Christine. In 1997 they retired from Square Dancing for family reasons and started back dancing on a casual basis in 2003. Since then Tony has been a relief caller filling in for callers and clubs over the past 10 years. Tony has served in executive positions with both the Australian Callers Federation (ACF) and Victorian Callers Association (VCA), attended many Australian National Square Dance Conventions, Victorian State Conventions and S.A. State Square Dance Conventions. Currently he is a member of the ACF, Square and Round Dance Assoc of NSW and the NNSWSDA (Northern NSW Square Dance Association).

In 2012 Tony and Christine moved to Port Macquarie NSW where he came out of retirement and in April 2013 opened Riverside 8's Square Dance Club.

 ANDREA BRAUN [SA-SDC] whilst living and working in England 1998/99 became a trainee caller with Jim Rowland and called regularly at both Sheffield Swingers and Phoenix Squares in Sheffield.

On return to Australia began "Allabout Squares" in Geelong Victoria which ran from 2000 until 2005 when relocated to South Australia.

In February 2008 "Allabout Squares" was reinvented and runs every week during school term in Glenburnie Hall, Mount Gambier.

Was privileged to call in England again in July 2016 both in York and at my old club in Sheffield.

 PAUL BRISTOW [UK-SDC] is from South Ruislip (pronounced “Rice-Slip”), in the county of Middlesex, which is located in the London area of the UK. He has been an active Caller for 35 years and Calls on a weekly basis for three Clubs. He began travelling to Call at UK events in 1978 and – in 1982 – began to travel, regularly, throughout the Greater European area and (soon after) at various locations around the world where he has been featured at many major Dance events.

In 1986 Paul became a Staff Caller for Sting Records; he took over Ownership in 2000 and has been personally responsible for the production of 349 pieces of Square Dance music. Over the last 30 years Paul has recorded a total of 92 Square dance Vocals (88 on Sting and 4 on other labels)

Paul has the full support of his wife – Hazel and his daughters – Verity (28) and Cherish (26), all of whom support him and help to keep him where he is – but with both of his feet FIRMLY on the ground!

 JAMES BROOKS [NSW-SDC] originally became an enthusiastic Dancer for a time in Sydney back in the 1960’s.

I returned with renewed enthusiasm in the 1990’s and have been dancing ever since.

Encouraged to try Calling by Brian Hotchkies, I had lots of help and support as a Trainee from Brian, Barry Wonson and Brett Gill.

My Initial independent effort was to teach, and call to a small informal daytime Group at the Bondi Senior Citizens Centre.

Then in 2014 I established my “JUST BLISS” Club at Randwick. In March this year we celebrated 3 years of successful operation. It’s a Teaching Club at Basic and Mainstream level but it continues to go really well.

 JOANNA BUSWELL [WA-CLC] started clogging with the Kangaroo Kloggers Klub with Gina Zaragoza in 1986 and started cueing in 1986 and teaching in 1988. First club was Hillbilly Boppers and Gidgi Bush Cloggers in 1988, Footloose Cloggers in 1991 and currently with Kingsley at JoKing Cloggers. Has been a member of the Callers Association of WA since 1988 and is currently the only clogging leader and club still connected with the Square Dance Society of WA. Has square danced for 40 years.

Was the WA State Rep for the ACA in 1993/94, 94/95, 96/97, 97/98, and 99/2000. Has been the Convenor for 2 National Clogging conventions and is the Programmer for this convention. Has organised the clogging at numerous Square Dance Conventions and the 2000 International Festival held in WA. Is on the committee for the 2018 National Square Dance Convention to be held here in WA.

Is the founding member of the accreditation panel and was involved in the writing of the original leaders manual.

Married to Michael in 1994, has two boys Craig (18) and Damien (16), and a dog Jack (6).
Works as a HSA (or orderly) at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

 JOHN CASEY [SA-SDC] No bio yet
 HOWARD COCKBURN [VIC-SDC] began square dancing at Westgate Square Dance club in October 1979 at the insistence of my wife Brenda. By April 1981 I had become a trainee caller with Frank Kennedy and in July 1982 Brenda and I began Crossroad Squares in Werribee. In 1990 Brenda & I opened Southern Cross Plus and in 1998 we opened Southern Cross A, all three clubs are still running.

I have attended and called at 33 National Conventions and served on 5 National Convention Committees including 2005 in Warrnambool where I was Convenor. When I am not square dancing Brenda & I spend a lot of time with our two daughters Meagan & Rachel and the loves of our life, our grandchildren Logan and Ruby. We also really enjoy travelling with our Travel Buddies Mike & Lorraine. In October 2014 I retired from work and am looking forward to the next era in our lives.

 MIKE DAVEY [VIC-SDC] started calling when he was 18. His first call was to an empty supper room because he was so nervous that he could not even look! It seems that the dancers enjoyed even that phantom call, because, with the help of Lee McFadyean, he went on to develop his talents and eventually started his own Club, Surfside Eights. In 1985, when Jack Burgess died, Mike was asked to call at Jaybee Square Wheelers. He has been there ever since and is also running Mike's Plus club.

Mike has been invited to call in most states in Australia, as well as New Zealand and Japan.

In his spare time, Mike and his wife, Lorraine, volunteer as puppy-raisers for Guide Dogs Victoria. So far, their track record is excellent – Dee went to Japan to help with their guide dog program; Olsen is a Guide Dog in NSW and Dorothy is a companion dog. They also love to travel to exotic places with Howard and Brenda Cockburn.

 ROBERT DEW [WA-SDC] No bio yet
 GRAHAM ELLIOT's [SA-SDC] introduction to square dancing came in the early 1970's when his family were encouraged to come along by neighbourhood friends. In the late 70's, whilst at Adelaide University, he joined the square dance club which operated there. It was here that he met his wife Dawn. During this time he also had the pleasure of dancing in the late Colin Huddleston's demonstration team. A few years later Graham tried his hand at calling at a couple of Adelaide clubs – he was no stranger to the stage having been involved in public speaking and plays during his school years.

In 1985 Graham & Dawn started a learners' class which became their own club – the Adelaide Outlaws. Operating in the western suburbs of Adelaide, it maintained a healthy membership and in 1987, a Plus club was formed operating on the north side of Adelaide. Both clubs are still going strong today. Graham has been actively involved in the calling field having served as various executive positions on the State callers' association, taken positions of secretary, public relations officer and chairman of the Australian Callers Federation and still serves on the Board. He is a member of Callerlab and is on the Mainstream committee. He has been feature caller at many interstate and overseas festivals and conventions and has had the pleasure of calling and dancing in Japan, Austria, New Zealand, USA and England. He is also a life member of the South Australian Square Dance Society.

Outside of square dancing, Graham is now retired from mechanical engineering in the oil and gas industry and Dawn is a primary school teacher.

 ALAN EVANS [QLD-SDC] No bio yet
 GREG FAWELL [WA-SDC] started Square Dancing in 1969 in Carlisle, then later at Karri On Dancers in Manjimup and more recently with Greenfinches in Hamersley. My first foray into calling was at a youth club camp in Bunbury 1969 when I ran a social dance night for the camp. It received critical acclaim from one reviewer who wrote “When you really think about it, gasping Greg has a right to apply for membership to the ace Callers Association for his achievements that night”. My first ever call was “Red River Valley”. Unfortunately this career was short lived with it starting and ending on the same night.

Not until 2008 did I tempt fate again and give it a go and so glad I did as I thoroughly enjoy calling and it fills in my retirement years wonderfully. I won the Judges Choice at the Amateur Callers event in Perth in 2010 and joined the Callers Association of WA that year. The rest as they say is history. I went on to complete my Club Caller qualification and started a club in the Swan Valley called Swan Valley Squares which by the time of the convention will have celebrated its fourth birthday.

I held the position of Treasurer of CAWA for six years and have just been elected to the role of President of CAWA for the next two years. I look forward to the challenges ahead and the privilege of working with the talented group of callers we have in Western Australia. I am also a member of the planning committee for the 59th Australian National Convention to be held in Perth in 2018 and look forward to welcoming callers and delegates to this exciting event for the Perth Square Dance Calendar. I look forward to arriving in Bendigo and sharing in what I am sure will be a blast from the 60's.

 JADEN FRIGO [VIC-SDC] first picked up a microphone 11 years ago, and after several years of training with Frank Kennedy, Peter Humphries and other top callers I started my own club (Australiana Dancers) in 2012. I now call 6 times a week (expanding to 9 times a week at the start of 2017) and thanks to some very successful new dancer classes - we now have well over 100 dancers between our clubs.

Australiana Dancers has hosted many of the worlds best callers - and from 2016 onwards will be bringing out 2-3 international callers per year, along with a selection of top Australian callers.

I call all levels from M/S through to A2 (dabbling in a little C1 when required) and also cue rounds up to Ph IV. I have called in every state of Australia and am booked to call dances & weekends/festivals in the US in 2017 and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Bendigo for what will be a super convention!

 CHRIS FROGGATT [NSW-SDC] started square dancing in 1970 at Corrimal and began calling in 1972. He started his first square dance club "Ghost Riders" in the Wollongong area in 1974. This dance ran for nearly five years until Chris married Linda and moved to the Sutherland Shire. In late 1978, Chris and Linda opened their first weekly club “Knee-Deep Squares” on Wednesday nights, teaching beginners and dancing Mainstream.

Over the years they have introduced hundreds of people to square dancing, many of who dance today in other parts of Australia. Chris taught many people how to square dance, but more importantly he strove to include fun and fellowship.

Chris and Linda took a break from full-time square dancing in 2001 after running Knee-Deep Squares for 23 years. In 2012 Chris and Linda returned and are now back at Jannali Community Hall, running Knee-Deep Squares on Friday nights, and enjoying it as much as ever.

 JEFFREY GARBUTT [WA-SDC] started dancing in 1973.

He is caller for "Jay Gees" square dance club in Bunbury, WA and the previous president of the "Callers Association of Western Australia", now the Secretary.

He was the editor of the "Australia Callers Federation" magazine named "Callerlink" from June 2000 to April 2015. He is now Secretary of "Australia Callers Federation".

 GRAHAM HALL [NZ-SDC] began his square dancing calling career in 1969, only a few short weeks after he had begun dancing with his mother, Ranee, Father Ben and sister Helen. He was the tender age of 13 years old.

Except for a very brief period of 3 months I have called continuously throughout the years until the present day. The end of 2017 will mark 48 years behind the microphone.

During those years, I have been a regular club caller, travelled overseas to Australia, Great Britain and the United States during the 8 years I spent as full-time professional caller, and still travel extensively within New Zealand as a feature caller for local and regional festivals and club functions.

My formative years as a caller saw me spend much time under the tutoring of the late Art Sheppard from Christchurch and many that knew Art say they still hear much of his style in my calling.

Later years during my professional calling years I had the privilege of calling with many of the great callers from around the world. Barry Wonson, Jet Roberts, Bronc Wise, Paul Bristow, Steve Turner and many more.

This will be the second Australian National that I have attended and my wife Alice and I are really looking forward to attending the 58th in Bendigo. It will be great to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones.

Kia Kaha, Graham Hall

 KEVIN KELLY [WA-SDC] lost a football bet to a school friend and as payment had to attend my first Square Dance at the ripe old age of 15. I have now been Club Calling for 48 / 49 years depending on if you start the count from start of beginners or Club. I'm actually starting my count from the end of the first year of Club Calling which will have me enjoying my 50th year in 2018 along with two very dear Calling buddies Steve Turner and Nev McLachlan.

My journey has given me the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people in the world and I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to guest Call all over Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Malaysia and Mauritius. I called at my first club Sundowners from the night it started until it eventually closed some 38 years later and have been the Caller at my current club Happy Wanderers for the last 39 years. One small interesting point is that I only went to Happy Wanderers to fill in for one week until they found a permanent Caller 39 years ago. If that's not the longest One Night Show in history I would be very surprised. He he..

I've been Best Man, Grooms Man, Godfather, MC and Pallbearer and Elegy reader so many times, been asked to sing the National Anthem a couple of times and am absolutely delighted to be called Uncle Kev by so many people in this wonderful Square Dance world I find the whole journey absolutely flattering. I really can't thank you all enough.

I started this little Bio by saying I lost a Bet. I sure hope every losing bet I ever have is as wonderful an experience as this one has been.

 ALLEN KERR [ACT-SDC] No bio yet
 GLEN MacLAREN [TAS-SDC] No bio yet
 THELMA McCUE [SA-RDC] No bio yet
 BEV McLACHLAN [QLD-RDC] started square dancing in 1973 after being convinced by parents this was an excellent activity to be involved in. They were right and I have not looked back.

Started teaching Round Dancing in February 1978 at the CCSA Hall in Caloundra. . I have continued with this pastime and extended my knowledge of this activity.

In 1982 travelled to America to attend the Callerlab Convention. At this Convention we had the privilege of meeting Harmon and Betty Jerritsma (Chairperson of Roundalab) We immediately set up a close relationship and after the Callerlab Convention returned to Los Angeles and stayed with Harmon and Betty for some time visiting their numerous Round Dance Clubs and Special Social Dances. This really got me very enthused and on return I started concentrating more on my involvement in the Round Dance Activity. At the 23rd Australian National Square Dance Convention held in Brisbane in 1982 it was approved to use cue cards when cueing at the Convention. Prior to this, cue cards were NOT permitted and you had to know the dance cues off by heart. My belief was that I was not in this activity to improve my memory but to help the dancers dance more dances by not having to remember the dances off by heart also. This continued with the introduction of the Standardised Cue Sheet, an innovation of the Queensland Round Dance Association.

Suncoasters Rounds, my Round Dance Club, has run continuously since 1978 and has incorporated many levels of dancers. At present I am running a Workshop session on Monday Nights . I have been invited to attend many North Queensland Square Dance Conventions and conduct the Round Dance Workshops at these functions. I have also been invited to be the Round Dance Clinician at special Round Dance week-ends organised in Townsville Nth Qld. I have choreographed a few original dances.

I have attended National Square Dance Conventions in 1974, 75, 77, 79 and each year since with the exception of 2001 when our daughter, Jaylene, had her Year 12 Formal on that week-end. I started cueing in 1982 and have cued at every National again with the exception of 2001.

I have been a member of the Queensland Round Dance Association since its inception and was on the Executive Committee for many years.

I have been a member of the Australian Round Dance Association for a long time and have served as its Treasurer, Historian, Education Officer, Secretary and at present time its President.

I have been a member of Roundalab since 1982 and am currently a member of many Committees.

I have attended special Round Dance Week-ends together with Minilab Conventions which involved sections for Cuers and also attended the Australian Cuer/Caller conferences.

I attended both the 1st and 2nd Southern Hemisphere Square and Round Dance Convention in New Zealand and was privileged to cue at the 2nd.

My time involves conducting a clogging club, and a heavy involvement in the Conservation of Marine Turtles. In June 2008 Nev and I were awarded the EPA Excellence Award in recognition of our valuable contribution to the Environmental Protection Agency in the “Volunteering” category. For over 30 years we have spent out Christmas vacation at an area called Wreck Rock (north of Bundaberg) monitoring Marine Turtles. This involves patrolling 22 km of beach, now on 4WD quad bikes, from dusk til dawn. This award recognises volunteers for their dedication, commitment and hard work for the environment and for the people of Queensland. I also assist Nev with the running of his square dance commitments and also the running of the Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre, a purpose built hall for our wondrous activity of Squares, Rounds and of course Clogging.

We have 2 children, our daughter Jaylene and our son Ben. Both have learnt to square dance, round dance and clog. Unfortunately Clogging has won out for them.

1977 – 1982 Resident dancer for “Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead” live TV show
1982 Tour of USA and Canada
1985 Moved to Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre at Buderim
1990 Co convened 31st Australian National Square Dance Convention
1991 Presented with the Silver Spur from the Square Dancing Society of Qld Inc.
1999 Co convened the 40th Australian National Square Dance Convention
2000 Honoured with Life Membership of the Australian Callers Federation
2004 Honoured with Life Patron of Australian National Square Dance Conventions
2013 – 2016 Co convened the 57th Australian National Square Dance Convention at Buderim

Currently the Treasurer for both the Square Dancing Society of Qld Inc and the Australian National Square Dance Convention Board Inc.

 NEV McLACHLAN [QLD-SDC] started square dancing in the early 60’s after tagging along with older brothers and parents to local square dances at Scouts and Lodges. Entered Amateur Callers contest in 1967 and won first place. Part of the prize was to be programmed to call at the 8th National Convention in Brisbane that year. Formed a junior club in Wynnum in 1969 called “Circle W”. This club branched out into a full family club in 1972 at Norman Park. Formed “Suncoasters” in Nambour in 1970, initially dancing monthly courtesy of parents transport. Moved several times to Woombye, Bli Bli, Maroochydore and Caloundra changing to fortnightly and then weekly dances after building our own dance complex at Buderim in 1985. “Circle W” merged with Bar K Ramblers in 1974 to form “Bar K/Circle W” The last dance night for this club was the 23rd May 2008. Mavericks Plus Club formed in 1982 and closed November 2007.

Other highlights:
1970 called on top of Ayers Rock
1970 designed the Square Dance Syllabus for Queensland’s Education Department while a student teacher at University
1977 – 1982 resident caller for “Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead” live TV show
1982 Tour of USA and Canada and joined Callerlab and called at 31st US National Convention
1985 Moved to Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre at Buderim
1990 with Bev Convened 31st Australian National Square Dance Convention
1999 with Bev convened the 40th Australian National Square Dance Convention
1999 stood down as Secretary of the Square Dancing Society of Queensland Inc after 20 years in this office
2000 Honored with Life Membership of the Australian Callers Federation
2004 Honored with Life Patron of Australian National Square Dance Conventions
2006 - 2008 Liaison Officer for the 49th Australian National Square Dance Convention held in 2008
2012 Liaison Officer for the 53rd Australian National Square Dance Convention in Darwin
2013 – 2016 with Bev convened the 57th Australian National Square Dance Convention at Buderim

Called at all Australian National Square Dance Conventions since 1979. I was Secretary of the Australian Callers Federation from 1991 - 2015. I have been featured caller for 5 week-end festivals in New Zealand and am currently a Member of Callerlab and on several committees of this International Association.

My time involves square dance commitments and also the running of the Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre, a purpose built hall for our wondrous activity of Squares, Rounds and of course Clogging. And a heavy involvement in the Conservation of Marine Turtles. In June 2008 Bev and I were awarded the EPA Excellence Award in recognition of our valuable contribution to the Environmental Protection Agency in the “Volunteering” category. For over 35 years we have spent our Christmas vacation at an area called Wreck Rock (north of Bundaberg) monitoring Marine Turtles. This involves patrolling 22 km of beach, now on 4WD quad bikes, from dusk til dawn. This award recognises volunteers for their dedication, commitment and hard work for the environment and for the people of Queensland.

 GARY PETERSEN [QLD-SDC] has been calling since October 1995. Solo Club Calling since October 1997. Currently Calling 8 Sessions per week at 3 Clubs, Upbeat Ch.a.o.s.; Bribie Island Squares and Suncoasters SDC.

Have Called at Nationals in every State and Territory of Australia. Feature Caller {4 x club Gigs} in Germany 2014. Feature Caller 2016 PLUSmuster Tauranga NZ.

I absolutely love working with a Theme and I WILL DIG the Scene in 2017!

 RUSSELL PRATT [NZ-SDC] started calling in 1984 with the Kauri Squares Club in Northland, New Zealand.
After running this club for 13 years and calling Basic through to Plus, the club was put into recess and I left the activity for a number of years until my wife, Jill, and I joined the Hamilton Square Dance Club (NZ) in 2009.

In 2010 I took over teaching the learner class which I am still doing and also call Mainstream on a different night Plus occasionally when required.

 IAN RUTTER [SA-SDC] No bio yet
1969 learned Square Dancing with Brian Townsend
1970~1972 Started visiting other clubs and started to learn calling from Alan Frost.
1972~1974 Did several one night stands in Arkaroola.
1974~1976 Singapore - Started & called for Anytime Squares
1976 Called at the 25th US National Convention in Anaheim, California.
1976~1978 Indonesia, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan – Started & called for Ridgetop Squares
1976~1978 Indonesia, Bontang, East Kalimantan – Started & called for Bontang Gassers
1978 Instrumental in arranging venues and dances in Singapore for the group that came up to Singapore after the 1978 Australian Convention in Perth. Brought a group of dancers from Kalimantan and arranged for dancers from Sumatra to come.
1978~1983 Indonesia, Jakarta, Java - Started and called for Spice Island Swingers.
1978~1983 Indonesia, Jakarta, Java - Called for Lumbaga Indonesia/America University Club
1978~1981 Indonesia, Cebanong, Java - Called for Local Club
1981~1983 Indonesia, Duri, Sumatra - Called for Sumatra Swingers
1981~1983 Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Sumatra - Called for Shooting Stars
1984~1988 Japan, Niigata -Started & called for Whoop & Holler Squares. Shared calling for Red Boots Squares.
1988~1989 China, Shekou - Started & called for Shekou Squares
1990~1995 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - Started & called for Ampang Squares
1995~1998 Vietnam, Vung Tau - Various one night stands
1998~2015 Due to extensive job related travel had to forgo having regular club. Did guest calls in USA, Holland, Germany, Scotland and Norway. I was in Norway for 3 months and the Stavanger Squares had no caller so called weekly for them while I was there.
2015~Present Started Yorke Promenaders in Kadina, SA. This is a weekly dance and currently working our way through Mainstream. We are planning on starting a new learners class in September.

 JEFF SEIDEL [SA-SDC] No bio yet
 CAROL SIMONDSON [VIC-RDC] sixteen years ago found Burra Squares and square dancing. A recent ‘sea change’ that took me 120 klms away has meant I regularly dance regularly at Crossroads, I completed the Plus program in 2004 with SC Plus and recently completed the ‘A’ program with SCA.

Back to the year 2003 I started learning rounds, and in 2007 took up cueing. In 2008 I started KINTYRE Dance Club as the solo principal and in February this year, started a day time club, Spinning Wheel Dance Club in Wyndham Vale.

I take every opportunity to further my cueing and teaching by attending all the ARDA Seminars and Queensland Round Dance international teaching weekends.

In 2015 I attended the Roundalab Convention; the ICBDA and US Square Dance Conventions and felt extremely honoured to cue at these three major events. I also have cued at three New Zealand festivals.

I am very privileged to be on four committees within Roundalab, USA and hold the positions of Secretary, Editor and until recently Records Officer for ARDA.

This will be my 14th National Convention. In 2016 I enjoyed working with the 57th ANSDC Committee as Publicity Officer and Chief Marshal. I have attended 12 Vic Conventions and co programmed rounds at two of these. I attend the interstate State Conventions when possible.

I thoroughly enjoy both disciplines of dancing; enjoy choreographing and ‘dancing my way through life’.

 DAVID TODD [NSW-SDC] discovered the wonderful world of square dancing through Fred and Elizabeth Meads’ Sparkilate club in the early seventies, soon becoming Fred’s trainee caller. After a Ron Jones Caller’s school in 1973, David opened the D-Bar-T square dance club in Merrylands NSW. He later ran a second club with Kevin Ryan at Parramatta. During this time David was involved in competition dancing and the training of many teams. In 1978 David called at the 1st National Canadian Convention in Alberta, Canada which was definitely a career highlight.

After a long break David returned to square dancing in 1996 and living in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, formed the ”Mountain Devils” club.

In 1999 David was asked to work at Blaxland East Public School to teach square dancing in their gross motor program for years one and two. He know teaches square dancing at a number of Lower Mountains Primary Schools, introducing modern square dancing to hundreds of young Australians.

 LES TULLOCH [SA-RDC, SDC] began dancing in 1983, and in 1986 took the opportunity to call at an amateur callers night and has been calling squares & cueing rounds regularly ever since.

In 1988 Les was invited to call fortnightly at a square dance group known as Latham Square Dancers. Then in 1989 Les was asked to call weekly for a group known as the Early Planning for Retirement Group (EPRG) and continued to call for this group until moving from Melbourne to Adelaide in 1995.

In 1992 whilst attending the SA State Convention Les met Anne and in 1994 they were married. In 1995 they started the Sunset Twirlers Dance Club dancing both Mainstream Squares and Rounds up to phase 6.

Outside of square & round dancing Les is a qualified Civil Engineer and is currently the Team Leader Procurement Services with the City of Onkaparinga the biggest metropolitan council in Adelaide. Les and his team manage contracts & tenders for works up to approx. $50 million per annum.

Les has attended called and cued at numerous major functions including International, National & State Square Conventions and International & State Round Dance Festivals. Les has also programmed various functions including 1998 National (Squares), Secretary for the 1998 Callerlab Minilab, 2007 National (Rounds), 2015 National (Rounds) numerous state conventions, convened the 2002 & 2004 SA Round Dance Festivals and programmed numerous SA Round Dance Festivals.

Les is an accredited member of various organisations. Internationally Callerlab (Square Dance Callers) and Roundalab (Round Dance Teachers). Along with Anne, is currently chair of the Roundalab Phase 1 & 2 Standards Committee and members of the phase 3 standards committees. As an international committee chair Les & Anne are also members of the Roundalab Standards & Policy committee. Nationally Les is a member of the Australian Callers Federation, Australian Round Dance Association. Statewide Les, is a member of the SA Callers Association (currently Secretary/Treasurer), SA Round Dance Association (currently Publicity Officer) and the SA Square Dance Society (Currently SACA & SARDA Representative).

For Round Dancing, Les & Anne have also choreographed & presented dances and conducted teach sessions at all of the major functions mentioned.

Les has also received the Callerlab Quarter Century Award (2011), Australian Callers Federation Silver Microphone Award (2013), Australian Round Dance Association 25 year membership certificate (2014) and along with Anne are Life Members of the SA Round Dance Association (2006), in recognition of many years of service to square and round dancing.

1967 Started Square Dancing in England
1968 Immigrating to Perth Western Australia. Started calling.
1969 formed the first club called Shanondoahs with beginner classes twice a week
1973 started a Plus club
1982 a Round Dance club was formed and this new hobby had become 5 nights per week
1970-80 had a demonstration dance team which performed in public promoting Square Dancing
1985 3 week calling tour through the States of USA
1992 became a full-time Caller calling for up to 8 clubs per week and running a Record and Tape business
1995 formed their own Australian Record Label “AUSSIE TEMPOS” and DOWN UNDER RECORDS
1998 Called full time at the Square Dance Centre for 5 yrs at Buderim QLD.
2000 5 month calling tour in 8 counties around the world.

Involvement includes;
Callers' Association, President - 7 years
Callers' Association, Vice President/Librarian - 4 years
Callers' Association, Training Officer - 14 years
Callers' Association, Reporter/Librarian - 4 years
Australia Callers' Federation Board member - 32 years
Callers' Note Service, Editor - 5 years
Callers' Record Service - 23 years
Australian National Square Dance Society Convention Committee - 1972/1978/1985/1993
Australian National Square Dance Convention, Convenor - 1985/2018
Australian Callers' Federation, President - 1998/1999/2000
Australian National Conventions' Advisory Board, member - 1985 to date

Callerlab (USA) Small World Award - 1985
Australian Callers' Federation, Life Member - 1990
Callerlab/Society of Western Australia, 25 years of Calling - 1994
CAWA Silver Microphone Award - 1994
Square Dance Society of Western Australia, Life Member - 1997
Callerlab Accredited Caller - since 1990
Callerlab Quarter Century Club - 1998
Australia Round Dance Association, continuous teaching for 15 years
National S/D Society of Australia “Roll Of Honour” - 2008
Callerlab USA “Accredited Caller Coach” - 2008

 JEFF VAN SAMBEECK [WA-SDC] started dancing in Feb 1976. Took up calling in 1977. I am celebrating 40 years in May this year.

I called levels from basics to A2. But I am only calling for my primary club Dianella Rangers Square Dance Club.

Highlights of my calling career in approximate order are

1. First call at a National in Canberra 1984.

2. Being invited to call at the South Australian State convention later that year.

3. Putting on a floor show together with Victoria's Guiding Lights in 1988 Sydney Bicentennial.

 CORAL WEGMANN [VIC-RDC] was a “square dance kid” as my parents started square dancing in the 50’s and I danced with them till the late 60’s.

I renewed my love of square dancing in 2001 and started learning rounds in 2002 and continue to dance squares and rounds.

In 2007 I began cuer training with Pat Saunder for 1 year but due to nerves decided to give up. After Barry got me talking to Ella Whyte at a convention in 2010 I decided to give cueing another go and to my surprise found it not too stressful this time and I started to enjoy myself. I trained for 1 year with Ella and then began my own club now called Harlequin Rounds in 2011.

I have been actively involved with the Round Dance Association of Victoria for 7 years and am currently the President of the association.

I think I can assuredly say that dancing is now a way of life for Barry and I. We have a wonderful time travelling all over Australia and have made so many friends along the way.

 ADRIAN WEISE [VIC-RDC] marks the 15th anniversary of his cueing this year (2017).

His very first cue at a dance venue was Pat-A-Rounds North’s Christmas break-up and it was Easy Strolling.

Adrian’s mentor was the much honoured Pat Saunder, who was a wealth of knowledge, very patient and gave him the confidence that is seen on stage today. He has also obtained the skills, training and development from the round dancing state body, the RDAV, through workshops, meetings and positive criticism received by other much respected cuers.

Adrian has cued at numerous state and national conventions and is proud to be on the program for this year’s national.

He started teaching for the first time a couple of years ago and currently has three couples as his learners at his father’s club, Chemistry Sets.

Adrian has the vision and desire to open his own club in the near future.

 RALPH WEISE [VIC-SDC] opened Chemistry Sets as a family Club in 1997, with a learner’s class, and progressed to a Mainstream club by the end of 1998. Never lost sight of a family club continuing to bring new dancers to our great activity with the help and assistance of dancers and family alike, some of these dancers are still dancing today.

First state convention programmed as club caller was 1999 at Wodonga.

At the Wodonga state convention in 2007 was assistant program manager to David Brown and have programmed various VSDA functions since including this year’s state convention.

First national convention programmed as club caller was 2005 at Warrnambool and have been part of the national programs at national conventions attended since.

 ELLA WHYTE [VIC-RDC] was first introduced to round dancing in the mid to late fifties. From then it has always been an important part of my life.

In 1958 with my late husband Ron (Square Dance Caller) we opened a special club for teaching rounds. From 1963 we presented round dance sessions at National and State Conventions. In the early eighties I was involved in the formation of the National Showcase and the National Round Dance Association (ARDA).

When Ron passed away I continued with the clubs both squares and rounds, three clubs are still currently running regularly.

This year I am celebrating my 60th year of conducting square and round dance clubs and are still cueing and teaching rounds.

 GLEN WILSON [QLD-SDC] was first introduced to Square Dancing as a compulsory part of the curriculum at Zillmere State School in Brisbane in the late 60's. While at High school in 1976, I went to my first real Square Dance with a live caller. It was here I became hooked. The club was “Pine Rangers” run by Alan Leighton and his wife Jenny.
I entered and won the club's Amateur Callers contest in 1977, this contest was judged by legendary Queensland caller Eric Wendell.
In 1978, I joined the Royal Australian Navy and was immediately sent to junior recruit training in Western Australia. I danced most Saturday nights that year at a club called “White Gum Valley” in Fremantle. After this I had a long break from square dancing
In 1993, I started square dancing again at “Caboolture E.Z. Squares”. By the end of that year, I did my first (very bad) singing call. My first teaching class for “Caboolture E.Z. Squares” was in early 1995. I'm still calling there today.
In 2001, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Squares” at Bald Hills came into being, this club continued for 4 years on the 2nd Friday of every Month.
“Northside Promenaders” started in early 2004 and is still going strong today.

I have called At 12 Australian National Conventions - 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 – so far.
I have been very involved with the QCA, ACF and now Callerlab, during my 22 years of calling.
I have attended 6 x Brian Hotchkies 5-day caller's schools (2003, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013 & 2015) and helped with a Sight Resolution presentation in 2013.
I have been privileged to be invited to call for a number clubs from far North Queensland to the N.S.W. Central Coast.
I was the first caller in Queensland to use CD's as my principal music player and in June 2004, I was the first Queensland caller (as far as I am aware) to switch completely digital and use a laptop computer as my music player.
I am also the pioneer in Australia, of using a USB hub for callers to present their music at combined functions.
I have been lucky enough to record vocals on a number of square dance labels.

See you in somewhere in a Square – Glenn.

 PAULA WRIGHT [VIC-SDC] started square dancing at Activ-ates in 1993.
I was also learning to clog with Nance and Lee McFadyean. We talked Lee into teaching us some square dance moves and we soon formed a group and opened a club called Taps n Squares. I was learning to square dance, clog and call.
Lee was my mentor for some years.
We also danced weekly at Activ-ates learning mainstream and plus with Brian Brislane. I called at club every week and also with Brian at his Mornington club seniors.
When Brian moved north he asked Colin Dandridge to take over the club.
I called with Colin and after some time later partnered him at the club.
I took over the club after Colin left and have been running the club now for 11 years. During this time I also called at Aspendale Club with Ron Mennie for 2 years.
We have been to nearly every State and National convention since 1994 and put in between 1 and 3 dressed sets. I have called the dressed set dance at 3 State Conventions.
Activ-ates is mostly a mainstream club with some soft plus.

 NEIL WYNN [VIC-SDC] No bio yet