General Information
Celebrating the sixties

The Convention is only weeks away and we are getting very excited. It is still not too late to register and despite the rumours to the contrary, there is accommodation available in Bendigo and the surrounding areas. You just have to look.

We have 46 callers (including 5 from overseas), 14 round dance cuers and 3 clogging cuers registered and the dance program is now complete. We are in the process of completing the program booklet and ready for print. Once the program has gone to print, we will be posting the dance program on our website so check it out in early March. We hope you will enjoy the whole Convention experience, the dancing, the meetings, the down time where you will have plenty of time to explore the Bendigo region.

So get your 60s costume ready for our Sunday theme night, get your dance shoes ready and come along to our Convention while we celebrate the sixties - Dig The Scene Bendigo 2017.

Celebrating the sixties

What a great night at our National Dance this month. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us, the atmosphere was electric right from the start. The square dance program featured Howard Cockburn & Mike Davey, ably supported by Laurina Collyer. The round dance program featured Ella Whyte and Pat Saunder. Thanks to Pat for hosting this event and supplying the raffle prizes.

Our registration numbers have climbed to over 500 adult dancers. We are hoping to get a few more by the end of December when our Love & Peace price expires. We have 38 callers, 12 round dance cuers and 3 clogging cuers registered already. Check out the “Callers / Cuers” page on our website to see who you will be dancing to. The closing date for caller/cuer registrations is the end of October so make sure your caller or cuer is registered before the close off date.

Our committee is busy working on our opening and closing ceremonies and our decorations sub committee have been busy creating a plethora of decorations to take you back to the 60s. Dig the scene Bendigo 2017.

JULY 2016
Celebrating the sixties

The 57th Australian National Convention is now over with only the Hooroo party to go. Our Committee were introduced during the hand over ceremony and entertained the crowd with some funky sixties dance moves and music.

We are pleased to announce that as at the closing ceremony we have 455 registered adult dancers. This number is well above what we were anticipating. A big thank you to everyone who registered, we look forward to a groovy time in Bendigo - dig the scene 2017. Keep the registrations coming in over the next few months and don't miss out on this upcoming event.

We have a number of callers & cuers registered. We have 4 overseas callers and 1 overseas cuer registered already. We will be listing those who have registered to call or cue very soon.

JUNE 2016
Celebrating the sixties

On the weekend of 3rd - 5th June 2016 several members of our Committee attended the New Zealand 50th National Convention in Hamilton. Mike Davey (Convenor), Lorraine Davey (Secretary), Brenda Cockburn (Treasurer), Howard Cockburn (Program Manager), Ross & Wendy Maclean (Registrations) attended the Convention and promoted our upcoming National. The New Zealand dancers were very keen and excited at the prospect of attending our Convention, so much that we ran out of registrations forms. The Committee of the New Zealand Convention allowed Mike & Howard to promote our Convention from stage and they were given the honour of calling the last bracket (tip as the New Zealanders say) on Saturday night which was a great opportunity to showcase some of the music of the sixties.

We are now looking forward to travelling to the 57th Australian National Square Dance Convention in Buderim later in the month. We will have a booth and will be taking registration forms and payments from everyone who would like to attend our Convention. To make registration easier for you, the Buderim Committee have kindly agreed to put one of our registration forms in your Buderim Convention pack. So fill out the registration form and bring it along to the booth. If you are registering for more than one person and have a spare registration form, in the interest of the environment, please bring it along to the booth and we will ensure it goes to someone who can use it.

We look forward to chatting with you at our booth or on the dance floor at Buderim. If you have any questions regarding the 58th Australian National Square Dance Convention, our Committee will only be too happy to assist you during the Convention. Remember we will be Celebrating the sixties in Bendigo 2017, dig the scene.

MAY 2016
Celebrating the sixties

With less than 12 months to go the Committee is ramping up promotion and getting ourselves ready for the Buderim National. Please come along and visit our booth. We will have plenty of registration forms so bring along your cheques, cash or card to take advantage of our Psychedelic Special. You will recognise our committee by their badges, and during non dancing events, by our Convention T Shirts.

Registrations are now available and the Psychedelic Special closes 4th July 2016. All dancers who registration prior to the closing ceremony of the 57th National in Buderim will be put into the draw to win their registration payment back.

During May, the 58th National Convention held its first function with a Trivia Night. Over 70 dancers & friends came along to test their knowledge on the sixties. Congratulations to the "Old Crocs" on winning a close one. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the upcoming National Convention as well as raising funds for the event.

Check out some of the Committee experiencing some of the tourist attractions in Bendigo.