The convention will be held at the Bendigo Stadium, Inglis Street, West Bendigo - Victoria.

The Bendigo Stadium facilities include 7 indoor sports courts, major exhibition and function areas, a licensed clubroom and associated administration facilities. The Bendigo Stadium is recognised as one of the best venues of its type in regional Australia.

The Main Hall is adjoined by a removable wall to Inglis Hall. This can open into one large area.

Callers/Cuers will have access to rooms located close to the main floor for practicing and relaxing.

We will be providing childcare facilities each evening of the convention. This will be available in the childcare centre on the complex.

All meetings and the official post convention reception will be held at the venue. We will provide tea and coffee to all meetings, as well as providing lunch to anyone who is required to attend a meeting which runs both sides of the lunch break.

Tea and coffee will be available at no cost to dancers at all sessions. There is a Bistro at the venue, which provides hot meals and snacks at very reasonable prices. There is also a small kiosk that will be selling hot and cold drinks, biscuits and snacks during some sessions. Bendigo has a variety of restaurants of varying standards and a number of take away food shops.